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The Roaster Amazon Dalian is considerably better and will interface with many roast logging packages, but still be a great deal for the customer.

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This roaster version is considerably better and will interface with many roast logging packages, but still be a great deal for the customer. The supplier has worked with us to implement these changes to their design and where possible improve on the ideas. This is a commercial roaster designed to produce batch after batch, hour after hour, day after day. It has no fancy computer controls, or gadgets.

The Amazon Dalian coffee roaster we do not have in stock and is only available on order!

It will sit well in a shop, or café, or as a small production roaster for a mobile coffee cart or small coffee roasting business. Because of the price and compact size this will also appeal to home roasters who want a roaster that they can produce a high quality roast and be able to supply to friends and retail outlets This is sold as a commercial product Where a product is advertised as TRADE or COMMERCIAL it is considered that the purchaser has a certain knowledge and engages in the trade appropriate to the use of the machine or equipment In this case the warranty is for 1 year and is a back to base parts only warranty.

Name: Amazon Roaster DLA721-S
Finish: Black with gold coloured metal highlights as standard
Voltage: 220-240 V • 50-60 hz
Power: 2400 W @ 240V (approx), OK for standard 13 Amp socket
RCD Protection: Built into supply lead
Gross weight: 50+kg (I estimate 60Kg), it's packed weight is 80Kg, but it's easier to transport in the back of any hatchback car, rather than have it delivered. 2 reasonably fit people can lift this roaster, one person cannot.
Stated capacity: 1kg green per batch
Tested max Capacity: 1.2 Kg green per batch (gives just over 1kg roasted)
Dimensions: 700 L x550W x 800 H (mm) (all dimensions approx)
Drum Speed: 80 rpm (approx)
Hopper capacity: More than 1.2kg green beans
Cooling Tray: Separate area with stirrer arms, batch cooling time, approx 1-2m
Back to back roasting: Yes Fastest tested Roasting times: <11 minutes dark roast (into second crack); Although the roasts are even and not scorched, for best flavour and results, I recommend slower roasting times for a dark roast.
Separate chaff cyclone: Included
3 Motors: Cooling Tray arms, Drum and Exhaust Fan
Temperature control: 2 series connected temperature controllers
Temperature controllers: Allow max temps, deadband and offset to be changed, plus some other functions. Values for temperature can be set during if desired
Air flow Control (drum and cooling tray): Mechanical manually operated sliders
3 electronic Temperature sensors: 2 x PT100 sensors: connect to dual temperature controllers: Bean Mass/environmental & Drum outer chamber environment, 1 x K type thermocouple - Bean Mass/Environmental for roast logging software e.g. Artisan, Roast Logger etc..
1 mechanical Analogue dial thermometer: Front of drum
Chaff removal function: Allows chaff removal whilst roaster is roasting.
Tryer: Beans & roast progress can examined outside roaster (Tryer capacity 4 - 6g beans)
Viewing Window: Beans inside drum can be viewed
Roaster front plate: 14mm thick (approx)
Rear bearing: External to roasting drum, and inner roasting chamber lubricants cannot contaminate beans
Front bearing: Self lubricating bush (maintenance free), no adjustments required
External Vent size: 80mm


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